Hey beautiful!

We're sharing 8 simple ways you can wear your scrunchies!

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Of course there are several other ways but these are the ones we find easiest and stylish! 

Share your favorite way to wear a scrunchie with us!

1st - Top ponytail

top scrunchie ponytail


2nd - Top half low ponytail

scrunchie ponytail


3rd - Flipped halfway ponytail

 Flip scrunchie ponytail


4th - Top bun

Top bun with scrunchie


5th - Low flipped ponytail

low flipped ponytail


6th and 7th - Two ponytails for those workouts

double ponytails with scrunchie


8th - "The messy Bun" - sweater required LOL "The headache" 

messy bun with scrunchie


There you go! 

Did you like these? If so, comment below!

What's your favorite way to wear a scrunchie? 

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