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Do you have a broken scrunchie?

broken scrunchie

No one wants a broken scrunchie, but if you have one we'll here to help!

We'll show you Step by Step how to repair your broken scrunchie.

Tools you'll need: 

  1. Sewing needle
  2. Scissors / Seam ripper
  3. Thread

tools for broken scrunchie

There are two parts where scrunchies come together.

  1. Where it's circular

broken scrunchie

  1. Where its flat. 


You'll want to rip the seam where the "flat" part is sewn together. We found it the easiest to sew together afterwards. Just rip it enough to get (1) finger thru the scrunchie. 

Now that you ripped the seam, find the rubber band inside. 

Tie the two ends together. TWICE. Two knots. Make sure it's tight. 

how to fix a broken scrunchie

Now sew back the scrunchie with your threaded needle. 

HOORAY! Your scrunchie is brand new again!


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